Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Brothers Steve


Artist: The Brothers Steve 

Album: Tsar

Release date: July 27th 2019 

Independent artist


The Brothers Steve have channelled the spirits of 'The Banana Splits' and 'The Monkees' for this airy fun slice of California pie album. Their biography comes complete with some awesome cartoons of the band, and indeed there is a fun cartoon feel to this album. The track 'Angeline' kicks us off with sexy surf music complete with gorgeous drum rolls. 'We got the hits' is a joyous cosmic ride into nowhere, while 'She' is a love song as light and fluffy as a lemon soufflé.

There is a citrus fresh feel to this album but it also draws on the carefree memories of childhood 'Wacky Races' cartoons and Saturday morning fun. There is a definite feel of 1970's nostalgia in here. This creates an automatically nice feeling, as I love music that takes me back to my carefree childhood. 

There is no heavy intellectual message in this album. The music is there purely to entertain, and that is no bad thing. The Brothers Steve are saying to the listener:
'Hey, come on a ride with us! Jump in the water is warm and lovely!' 

This feels good because I know that I am just going to have a good time. 

This album release follows up  a two-song digital single was released through Big Stir Records  'Angeline and Carolanne'

The stand out track for me here is the final track 'Sunlight' a sweet acoustic track to mellow you out after a long day in the Californian sun. 

So take a trip with 'The Brothers Steve' and 'Tsar' you will be glad you did. 


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