Monday, 26 August 2019

Chateau Brian Grand Cru

Artist: Brian James
Album: Grand Cru - Chateau Brian 

Label: Easy Action Records:    


This whole album is far more front porch bluesy than I predicted, and there is a nice immediate intimate feel to this album. There is the languid sexy track 'Moan Moan Moan' which switches to a Bob Dylan vibe for  'Such a lot of Stars' The stand out track for me on this album is Teasin' me Baby' a harmonica driven track with charming natural quality. This music is perfect for the summer heatwave and I now feel spiritually transported to New Orleans, it is interesting to experience a totally different side of Brian James music. 'Grand Cru - Chateau Brian' emerged from songs that didn't fit into the rock and roll genre and this album is a showcase for Brian James original background of Blues music which is the music he grew up listening to. Here he is paired with talented keyboardist Mark Taylor (Lords of The New Church) This album reveals a whole different side to Brian and there is a heavy influence from Nashville and New Orleans. This album was inspired by the 'Delta Blues Movement and you can hear the influence of Hank Williams, Elvis and Eddie Cochran. 

This is a heady slice of Blues from the Godfather of punk. 

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