Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Black Income

Artist: Black Income Album: unSound  Label: Tube IT Records.
Release date: August 23rd


It’s been 3 years since Danish alternative rockers Black Income released their debut album ‘Noise Pollution’ and this is their follow up album 'unSound' This is an album strictly for lovers of a heavy 'mosh pit' The inspiration for the music is the unsafe and unsure structure of the world today and the music reflects this idea both in its hard rock sound and in its feeling of bleakness in some of the tracks. 'Every day feels like a storm' is a track that lends itself to the darker more sombre side of life and this album is one for lovers of realism. Black Income reflect the current fan base in Scandinavia right now for a heavy and hard rock sound and the band: Henrik Thrane - Vocals/Guitar Michael Gersdorff and Lars Olrik have more than a nod to Kurt Cobain style vocals and a thrash metal sound. The stand out track on this album is 'The Sun' which has a haunting Gothic into to this track metamorphosis into hard rock. If you love hard rock you will love 'Black Income'

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