Monday, 15 July 2019

The Raft

Artist: The Raft

Album: Abloom

Label: Shore Dive Records


'The Raft' is songwriter/producer Phil Wilson from Merseyside and these album tracks have a distinct Liverpool vibe reminiscent of 'The Lightening Seeds' or 'The Farm' 

These are Happy Chirpy multi-layered tunes. This is club chill-out music to unwind your cares away with. The stand out track for me is 'Open up Your Heart' a sweet sounding feel-good track. 'She Floats' is a pink tinged trip down a flowering river of sound, and I really got into this track as a concept to relax and revive the mind.  This is the kind of music that would go down well at a new age crystal healing festival or a Sober rave. This is music written for the soul purpose of making the listener feel good. and in these cynical and troubled times, that's no bad thing. This is perfect music to listen to if you are feeling stressed. 

It will soothe your mind in no time. 

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