Saturday, 20 July 2019


Artist: Phase 

Single: The Smile 


'Phase' are a Newcastle upon Tyne based Post Punk Revival band 

'The Smile' is a track that reminds me initially of a Motorhead track, it starts with a heavy backbeat an ear melting sound that's guaranteed to upset your granny. There is a trippy overdub that transports you to night club nights past and sins forgotten. This then moves into catchy space hopping riff break. The end of this track melts into a softer beat and you can feel the influences of this band come from many sources. I am intrigued by this sound.

I absolutely love the heaviness of this track, I feel as if I have just been body slammed by the Prince of Darkness. 

 'Phase' mix heavy rock  with clubby soundscapes.This is a technique that you might think would not work, but somehow it does. 

I look forward to hearing more of what 'Phase' can do with their unique ideas. 

This band have a unique approach. One to watch. 

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