Saturday, 20 July 2019

Out of Mind

Album: Out of Mind

Artist: Hats off Gentlemen it's Adequate

Label: Glass Castle Recordings 


'Out of Mind' is an album that concentrates on twelve tracks about memory from a variety of perspectives. The music falls into the category of such diverse genres as: progressive rock, hard rock, classic rock and electronica. 

This is a thoughtful and intelligent album that draws it's inspiration from such diverse wells of influence as 1950's novels historical remembrance and dementia. This album is definitely not background music as each track has been carefully thought through to tell a complete story from each of the character's perspective. Or from a era in history designed to transport you back to that time. 

'Out of Mind' has been written and presented with meticulous care with every detail adhered to. 

'Coming Back' is a stand out track: a funky gothic sounding spiky rant with a 'Nick Cave' vibe:

'So I walked and I walked past where the houses stop
But the road still carries on
I left behind the average town
The cradle where I was born
Past foreground split from broken machinery
Background paste of identical scenery
And now am I supposed to believe I’m outside?

I don’t remember the last time that I got this far from home
50 plates from 50 states
In this transition zone
I remember things that shouldn’t exist
The details that show the lie
And now am I supposed to believe I’m outside? '

This album is unique and sensitive in the way that it covers the variety of aspects of memory loss. At times heart wrenching, often thought provoking. 


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