Thursday, 11 July 2019

Last Great Dreamers

Artist: Last Great Dreamers    

Album: Retrosexual

Label: Ray Records


Last Great Dreamers are a hard band to define. Are they Glam? Are they Punk? Are they Rock? They are all this and more, and this album is an exciting amalgamation of all these elements, These Rockers have come up with a reprise of their classic debut album 'Retrosexual' in vinyl for the first time as well as a special London show. Retrosexual is packed full of snarling sexy London anthems with vocals that would not be out of place in the Brit Pop era. I am reminded of Damon Albarn and Adam Ant in the lead vocals headed by Marc Valentine with a gorgeous attitude that screams London. 

The stand out track for me is the compelling 'T.V. Child' a searing account of Television addiction which everyone can relate to, and the need for escapism from reality. This track also features a bonus demo track and there are a few other demos included in the album as a bonus.

'Don't need reality alright, turn on the T.V Child'

'The Networks fly into our dreams'

'Kings and Keepsakes' starts out with a David Bowie style slide guitar intro which melts into a dreamy trippy soundscape:

'Fly away silver child'

'Last Great Dreamers have overcome obstacles and battled adversity to accomplish this comeback. It was well worth the wait. Fans old and new will love this raw glamorous rock and roll album. 

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