Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Steve Hewitt

Artist: Steve Hewitt

Album: Bigger than Words

Release Date: 3rd June 2019

Label: Engineer Records 


This new album from Kent songwriter Steve Hewitt could be perfect for anyone out there suffering after a broken relationship. 'Bigger than words'  mixes acoustic. rock country, pop blues, and folk music and each track is about different aspects of emotional pain and offers advice on how to repair that sadness and recover from the past. The album could almost be defined as 'Easy Listening' in the vein of James Morrison. It is a rare and pleasant experience for me as a reviewer to hear a man singing about the emotions that life has thrown at him in a sensitive and thoughtful way. 

'Mind off of you' has a live acoustic feel and a country storytelling aspect. All good music should be about storytelling and a desire to connect your own personal story with the listener and Steve Hewitt certainly has that desire. There is a sincerity in his delivery of the songs. 

'Fix Me' has a pure sound and once again recreates that live gig intimate setting. 'Holding me back' is the reflection of a broken relationship and the need to move away from clinging partners. 

This is a great album for anyone wishing for a mellow healing sound.

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