Friday, 10 May 2019

The Truth

Artist: The Truth 

EP Title: Keep on Keeping on                                

Label: Splangsongs

Release Date: May 23rd, 2019 
The title track 'Keep on Keeping on' is the most commercial sounding track on the EP and is a jangling optimistic tune in the vein of 'The Monkees.' This is unashamedly pop for pop's sake and would smoothly slot into any into a commercial radio station's playlist and easily appeal to a family audience. 

The Truth began life in 1982 when Dennis Greaves and Mick Lister decided to team up to create a mod, soulful alt/pop band. They quickly gained national recognition with their first single 'Confusion Hits Us Every Time' The band split in 1989 but have recently reformed, much to many loyal fan's joy.

For me, the stand out track on this EP is 'Confusion Hits us Every Time' a reprised track of a 1982 hit which has a beautiful catchy summer vibe. I can imagine this track played at a hundred beach parties and festivals up and down the country as this sweet Mod song conjures up shades of 'The Who' and scooters on a Brighton beach front. There are enough catchy hooks and riffs in this song for a sure-fire summer hit. 

'A Step in the Right Direction' would have a direct appeal to fans of Paul Weller, whereas the track 'Life Through a Glass' brings the tempo down to a slower heartbeat and gives more of a 'chill out' vibration. 

'The Truth has a loyal fan following which can only grow in size after the release of 'Keep on Keeping on'

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