Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Reals

Artist: The Reals

Single: Stop Freaking out

Independent Artist


This London band are so brand new they have practically just been born. I mean they are so fresh that if they were a painting the paint would still be wet. One woman and three men with a counter-culture attitude.

I'm bringing you an exclusive preview of a brand new band. The Reals debut track 'Stop Freaking Out' lampoons the fake reality we believe to be the truth, spoon-fed to us by a mainstream media. The feel of this band is anarchic and political and explores an alternative viewpoint with a left-leaning stance all wrapped up in a punk attitude with a touch of performance art.

If you enjoy your music with a political edge you will love this, and this is a band that has the courage to put their cards on the table and clearly state where they are coming from.

They also have another single and video coming out in July so look out for these newbies.


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