Thursday, 2 May 2019

The Popravinas

The Popravinas 

Album: Willy Nilly

Release date: 2nd July 2019

Label: Zesty Smile Records 


The Popravinas are Eddy Sill of infamous LA band 'The Mutts' charismatic frontman John Adair (who reminds me of comedian Rob Newman) and David Rogers on drums. This is their third album 'Willy Nilly' and it takes you directly into the world of The Popravinas, the whole album is just like having a conversation with them. If Johnny Cash collaborated with 'The Beach Boys' this marriage would give birth to The Popravinas. 'Willy Nilly' is country music but not as you know it and all of the tracks on this album are drenched in Californian sunshine and lazy laid back optimism. This is an album that will help you find that summer feeling even if we have storms in May. The Popravinas don't follow trends or fads, they are always just authentically themselves and their music comes from a very honest place within that space. This is the best way to make music, with an intent to connect yourself directly with the listener. No wonder audiences love them in Alaska as 'The Popravinas' manage to capture a summer vibe that could be interpreted anywhere. 
'Put it all to Bed' is a track that in the nicest way says 'Forget the fight and move on' and the concept of the song really is that simple and direct. 'Did Ya' is almost like a slowed down version of a 'They Might be Giants' track giving of the same kind of intellectual indie vibe. While 'Sofia' is a warm family orientated track about the passing of time and pride in your relationships. 

'Willy Nilly' is sure to put you in a relaxed and sunny mood that will see you through the whole summer.

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