Monday, 27 May 2019

Pete R Jones

Artist: Pete R Jones 

Album: Contrivances for the Soul  

Release Date: March 2019


Pete R Jones has the distinguished music pedigree of being an Ex Bass player for Public Image Ltd which is about as far up the music pole as one can climb as far as I am concerned so I was highly intrigued to hear this album. 

'Contrivances for the Soul' isn't quite what I expected. More Synth-Pop than Punk, but some tracks still hold a Punk attitude 'Liar' for example and 'Psyco Drill'

The first track 'Ocean Blue' is a surprisingly soft start which then moves onto the safer punkier ground with the track 'Liar' 

This track seems to hold a more natural position for Pete 'Joyless' Jones who seems more comfortable with angry vocals than any other kind. No surprise for an ex PIL member. The stand out track for me on this album is 'Spanish Snow.' This is a song that maintains just enough attitude and softness combined to give this track a riff with depth. 'The Reason Why' resonates a very eighties feel and is probably the most commercial track on the album with a hint of Gary Numan. 

The title track 'Contrivances for the Soul' is an epic sweeping track over seven minutes long. This album is extraordinary in the fact that Pete R Jones plays all the instruments and vocal on the album apart from a guest guitar slot by Leigh Heggarty from Ruts DC. So it truly is a solo album.

an interesting listen full of experimentation. 

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