Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Flesh Tetris

Album: Wrong Kind of Adults

Artist: Flesh Tetris

Label: Cargo Records

Release Date 10th May 2019


Flesh Tetris mission statement is to create Synth-pop music for after the apocalypse with tin foil weirdness.

In this album, they achieve that aim. 'For Fun' is an urban alarmist track complete with sirens. 'Panic Buy' is a pastiche on consumerism a list song that takes its cues from 'Talking Heads' in its attitude and atmosphere.

Flesh Tetris is a quartet comprising of the members Andy Heintz, Eva Menon, Karen Bell, Andy Duke, and Jez Miller.

This whole album is like listening to an art installation. 'Cat Box Journey' reminded me of the eighties in spirit and is a track reminiscent like Alexi Sayles 'Allo John Gotta New Motor'

This is music not recommended for those of a nervous disposition. I would listen to this album while creating wild graffiti art on a subway wall just having raided a nearby chemist.

This album will stretch the outer reaches of your psyche and take you to places you didn't know existed except in a David Lynch film.

The band met at a Russ Meyer film event in London which explains a great deal of their counter-culture style.

The stand out track on this album is 'Glass Bottom Boat' a soothing water lapping track set in Brighton that dissolves into chaos halfway through.

The track 'Rabbits' is a hallucination.

'Rabbits crawling across the ceiling

Rabbits falling from the sky'

If you are looking for something very different you will like this album.

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