Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Artist: Cellista

Album: Transfigurations

Release Date: May 31st 2019


I like to review independent female artists here on 'Full Blast Music' and in particular when they are as unique as Cellista.

Do you like punk? ballet? classical music? performance art? Hip Hop? performance poetry?

Well the unusual news here is with Cellista you get all of these elements of the performance and at the same time, all those disciplines are wrapped up in a subversive approach to the Cello. 

Classically trained yet open-minded, Cellista strives to include all of the aspects of expression that interest her both musically and artistically which results in the album 'Transfigurations' which is Cellista's perspective of life and art from a very different sort of artist. 

Cellista combines her Californian viewpoint with a surreal twist while not shying away from darker subjects such as war, American politics and the effect of the Californian 'ghost ship' fire on American independent artists.

 'Transfigurations' is also a multi-media release which also includes literature and sound textures. The stand out track on this album is 'Look Homeward Angel' a tune which combines a cello with rap which is a concept I have never heard of before, but it works and it works really well. 

a unique album from a unique artist. 


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