Friday, 10 May 2019

Broken Toys

Single: Broken Toys

Artist: Kilbey & Koch

Release Date: 12th April 2019

Label: The Planet Company


The Australian Duo Kilbey & Koch have created a single that conjures up the wilderness of the Australian outback in a track that haunts the memory. 'Broken Toys' draws its inspiration from lost objects from childhood and long-forgotten days as shown in the lyrics:

Sitting here with the seaweed and a cold beer Nearly at the end of the pier, just here And it appears to manifest as a white day Gone awry, gone astray, ok Broken toys expect delays Someone says our lives' a maze Which time destroys Sunken mornings turn to days Drunk on all the grief and joys Of broken toys Coming home with just a shilling in my pocket Saw the door but there's no way to unlock it I'm gonna hit it Broken toys on crooked shelves Doing badly acted versions of ourselves Spoken words into the void Woke up all the girls and boys With their broken toys Falling snowflake in your hair There with all the grace and poise Of broken toys

Australian Music icon Steve Kilbey & classically trained ARIA Award winner Gareth Koch have collaborated to create a pared-down sound, with a 'bare bones' atmosphere. This song has stripped down acoustics in the most natural sense that leaves you with the taste of salt air in your mouth and a stark wind whipping around your hair.

Steve Kilbey is best known as the frontman of the popular rock 'The Church' and Gareth Koch brings in the classical element to the music hailing from a background of Classical Viennese training.

This is a thoughtful and atmospheric track ideal for long hot summer evenings.

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