Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Brian P Matheny

Album: The Canary and the Cage

Artist: Brian P Matheny


Brian P Matheny's voice holds a gritty 'people's voice' feel that would not be out of place at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. His vocals remind me of a cross between Bob Dylan and Michael Stipe from REM. So if you love both those artists you are sure to enjoy this album.  There is more than a hint of protest and rebellion in the attitude of 'The Canary and the Cage.' The track 'Seldom I Rest' has great guitar work. There are traces of Folk Country and Indie here in the album's naturalistic and raw approach to direct one-man storytelling.

Brian's own explanation of the album:

'Objectively the title refers to the act of placing something as beautiful as a canary into a cage and then placing the cage into a potentially life-threatening environment. Subjectively the title elucidates the nature of our existence one of both uncertainty and anxiety in a threatening place.'

I would recommend this album to lovers of an acoustic sound. This album is strictly one for the deep thinkers.

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