Monday, 22 April 2019

Soul Desire

Artist: Soul Desire

EP: 'Ignite'

Release date: July 2018


There are a lot of women in the public eye who deliberately dumb themselves down in order to be considered more acceptable to the male gaze even in these enlightened times. So it is heartening and refreshing to see a strong young frontwoman leading the band 'Soul Desire' and even more so in the macho world of heavy rock. There have been many strong female voices in rock from Joan Jett to Suzi Quatro and back again, so it's great to see that this attitude is continuing in a new generation. Becky sings like a real person telling you her real-life story and the 'Ignite' EP covers such subjects as body image and relationships but does it all in a strong female voice that engages you to listen to it. 'Soul Desire' is a collective, however, comprising of band members Becky Jade, Rob Leach, and Chris Smith. The band formed from the history of 'One Last Run' and the men in the band are an appropriate and strong backing for Becky's voice and you get the impression from their music that this is very much about a group ideology, a group vision of how they wish the band to look and sound. The debut EP from this young band contains track highlights, 'Falling Apart' and 'From The Flames' which for me is the stand out track on the EP.

Also more importantly when Becky Jade sings I actually believe her. I trust she means what she is singing about, and in an age of throwaway music that is churned out without imagination, this is in many ways a rare thing. In the video for 'Ignite' for example, we see a real person confronting her dying relationship in a room alone and the solitude does not matter in the execution of the piece as Becky puts so much expression and truth into her performance the story of this track is played out in its entirety for us using only one person's voice.

'Soul Desire' is a new band worth watching with a good natural attitude to their music.

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