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DAYGLO The Poly Styrene story by Celeste Bell and Zoe Howe

'DAYGLO The Poly Styrene story by Celeste Bell and Zoe Howe' 

Published 28th March

Omnibus Press



'DAYGLO The Poly Styrene story' is a beautiful book about a beautiful person. Poly Styrene AKA Marianne Joan Elliott Said was an extraordinary woman. A unique individual who made a huge contribution to the punk movement in the 1970s and a brave woman who faced up to the rough punk crowds with real attitude and pluck at a time when women were not always seen to do that. Before reading the book I was already a fan of Poly Styrene with her unmistakable style and music but this book allows the reader to delve into the deeper side of Poly's persona. It allows you to view her artwork and ideas in greater detail. The book also reveals the spiritual side of Poly which is how she wanted to be remembered. This is the story of a not always recognized punk icon who was understated in her own lifetime and Poly is finally given the credit she truly deserves. Poly's life was blighted by bipolar depression which at times affected her creative output but 'DAYGLO' proves that her creativity as a whole through her life was very significant. 'DAYGLO' is narrated by Poly herself from a series of her own diary entries and interviews with further narration from her daughter Celeste Bell and music journalist Zoe Howe whose contributions allow the story to flow with a clear narrative. This book is crammed with Poly Styrene's doodles, drawings, lyrics, and artworks and it creates a gateway into the character of Poly Styrene's mind. Her daughter Celeste gives an unbiased and moving account of her mother, from terrifying rages to warm and witty company. These were the symptoms of Poly's bipolar disorder. There are quirky sweet moments too such as Poly's drawings of a young John Lydon with 'I love you' written next to them. There are insightful and witty accounts of Poly from those friends and fans who knew her from such famous names as Glen Matlock Vivienne Westwood, Don Letts, and Jonathan Ross. 'DAYGLO is a great reference for any Poly Styrene fan and even die-hard fans will find some surprises in this beautiful biography. 

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