Thursday, 25 April 2019

Beauty In Chaos Interview

1. How was 'Beauty in Chaos' first created? 
It was really just born out of the desire to do something that I was 100% in control off, outside the scope of Human Drama and GLJ.  Something that was my vision, and to not only please myself … but to prove to myself I could do this.

2. What is the main concept of 'Beauty in Chaos?'

To create an evolving musical entity outside the scope of a typical .band’ format.  Also to put together great artists that probably would never be on the same album, much less the same song.  I simply love putting artists in a situation outside of their standard comfort zone too 

3. How do you want your music to make people feel?

That is such an individual thing … as long as the listener ‘feels’ something, I think as an artist you have succeeded .

4. What was it like to work with 'Ice T?'

Of all of the artists on ‘finding beauty in chaos’, he was the one that I did not really have a relationship with.  I am friends with Ernie and Vince (from Body Count) and they sent the track to Ice.  Since then, I have met him and we hit it off well.  He took the time to not only write and record his part, but to also be part of the video, all which I am very grateful for.

5. What was it like to work with Rolan Bolan?

T. Rex is such a big influence on me, and his dad certainly started the glam-rock movement in my opinion.  He influenced so many, and probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Rolan is very down to earth and was a pleasure to work with.  I think people, even die-hard T.Rex purists are going to really be surprised at what we created.

6. What is your ultimate favourite Goth track and why?

Even though Robert probably wound not approve of the ‘goth’ label, I will go on a limb here and say ‘Prayers For Rain’ … actually it could be anything on ‘Disintegration’.  I think that record has such a feel and vibe … even cold in temperature if that makes since.

7.Why did you choose Ashton Nye as your lead singer?

Well there is no one ‘lead singer’ of BEAUTY IN CHAOS.  Ashton sings and co-wrote three amazing tracks on the album.  It was such an easy process to create with him, that I do look forward to working more with him in the future.  Meeting him through this album started a great friendship too, which is a blessing in its own right.  His solo work and also as The Awakening are wonderful for anyone that has not heard.

8. is there an LA Goth movement? is it different to other types of Goth music? How?

I honestly don’t get out to clubs much now … being a parent and a musician are full time jobs.  When I was younger, Scream and Helter Skelter where two ‘goth’ clubs I frequented and performed at.  Bar Sinister is still going strong in Hollywood, but even that seems to have turned away from ‘goth’ .. spinning stuff like Rob Zombie.

9. What is your favourite track on the album and why?

It honestly changes over time.  My wife and I had a long road trip, returning from bringing our daughter to school and I actually listened to ‘FBIC’ in full and in order.  It had been a while, as I have been dealing with all of the remixes for ‘beauty re-envisioned’.  I can say I still really enjoy the record.  ‘Look Up’ and ‘Beauty Lies Within’ stuck out to me on this listen particularly.

10. What makes the track 'Bloodless and Fragile' so cinematic?

I think Ashton and I set out for the to be the closing track for the album, and we both felt this has to be the climax of the 70 minute journey prior.  I love the way the track builds from beauty to chaos.  I like to think the entire record has a cinematic quality.. at least that was my goal.

11.What made you fall in love with Evi Vine's voice?

What’s not to love!  It’s both melodic and sensual.  She’s like a crazy step sister!!  We have the wackiest text chats too.  I do look forward to working more with her as BIC evolves…. Just wish I could talk her into doing a video for ‘I Will Follow You’ , which is always one of my favourite tracks.  Her new record is brilliant also.

13. What can you tell me about 'Beauty Envisioned?'
This is a ‘remix’ album per say.  I handed the keys of the car over to some great producers, DJs and artists to do deconstruct and reconstruct many of the songs from FBIC as they hear them.  There are also a few totally rerecorded versions that I really love.  In the end, its 24 tracks … so I think there should be something for everyone!  It will be released on June 21st and pre-order is available now on our website (   

14.What is the track Un-natural Disaster about?

I think the video portrays the idea of the track perfectly ( )  Being from New Orleans, the devastation from Hurricane Katrina hits hard.

15. What else do you have lined up for 'Beauty in Chaos' this year?

Getting ‘beauty re-envisioned’ released is almost complete.  Now convincing people to buy a physical copy as opposed to streaming!  Michael Rozen and I have started working on some new BIC material.  He is also working with Al Jourgensen on the next MINISTRY record, so I am going to have some time to develop some new material.  It’s exciting to take off the constraints I placed on FBIC off, and this time around utilising synths and some other guitarists.  I do hope that whatever critical accolades FBIC has got, that it helps open the door for some additional artists to join the BIC family.   I do have a wish list!!

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