Sunday, 3 March 2019

shapeshiftingaliens album review

Album title: shapeshiftingaliens
Label: The Sublunar Society
Release date 15 February 2019

Welcome to the wonderful eccentric world of 'shapeshiftingaliens' the debut of their album of the same name allows you to delve deep into the concept of electronic music in a whole new light. Reminiscent of David Bowie and Gary Numan, this album takes you on a surreal trip through childhood memories of seventies rock and T-Rex with the excellent track 'Little Bit' leading up to the climax of a swirling circus nightmare of electric dreams with the track 'Stay' The duo of shapshiftingaliens provide the soundtrack to their own surreal lifestyle. Their music creates a world for the listener to inhabit for the duration of the album, a world that marries Salvador Dali with Blade Runner futurism all wrapped up in a steampunk aesthetic. Runquist and Cleve met when they were working with eccentric Swedish wizard 'Iodine Jupiter and their partnership has gone from strength to strength ever since. Johan Cleve providing the vocals and Niklas Runquist providing songwriting and at times electronic violin. The track 'Fade away' is a haunting yet beautiful vision of a dystopian future. The movie influences of 'Blade Runner' are clear in Runquist's lyrics:

'A new world order stained and tagged in grime
Illusions trapped when our religions disappear
The flight of footsteps am I sure they're mine?
Don't fall asleep you might be next to be aware'

The LP is also titled 'shapeshiftingaliens' and it draws it's influence from such diverse artists as David Bowie, Tin Machine, Brian Eno and Rundquist's additional band 'Leather Nun.' (a groundbreaking band from the 1980's) There is a sense of the dramatic to all of the songs on this album and the listener could easily imagine this as a film soundtrack as the images the music creates span vividly in your mind. This album makes the eccentric accessible and allows the listener to experience electronic music in a whole different light. A unique album with a David Bowie vibe this music evokes memories of the seventies with a contemporary twist. 

An enjoyable album which may convert people who think they don't like electronic music. 

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