Saturday, 16 March 2019

Black Bombers Vol 4

Black Bombers

Album Title: Black Bombers Vol 4

Label: Easy Action Records

Release date: 29 March 2019


Birmingham Rock Trio Black Bombers have created this mini-album as a homage to the music of the mid-eighties. This is proto- punk rock and roll coming at you live and in your face a mini- album recorded in one weekend.

'Animals and Cages' has a sexy drum heavy intro - and is unusual in it's style of polished backing with raw vocals, Jimi Hendrix style guitar breaks and a sudden ending.

'Day after Day' opens with 'The Who' style chords and then swings into is a change of pace with a 'Manic Street Preachers' vibe.

'Your ghost like eyes like diamonds, It gets me through the day.'

Alan Byron's vocals sound like someone who used to be angry but they got over it. A kind of muted anger. not quite punk and an element of risk taking style, while 'Hair of the dog' has a sliding guitar and almost a 'Thin Lizzy' feel.

'Gnarly' is the stand-out track on this album - Dave Twist whacks those sticks like no-ones business - it's gritty and sexy and this is the kind of rock drumming that I love to listen to. This track reminds me of 'The Damned.' and that is about the highest compliment I can pay here. Guitarist Darren Birch is a former member of   'Gunfire Dance' which were signed to 'Island' and produced by Brian James and Rat Scabies.

'Sometimes' is  a track in the same vein as 'Gnarly' and sounds like a continuation of 'Gnarly' again some fantastic drumming on here. This mini-album serves up a great taste of 'Black Bomber.' and as a new comer to this band, I am now anxious to go through their back story and hear more. Great rock with great attitude.

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